Loan Officer / Sales Manager w/ In-House Real Estate Team

  • $100,000.00 - $300,000.00/year
  • Loan Officer / Sales Manager with In-House Real Estate Agents (Work Remotely)

    YourWayHome is expanding nationally.  We’re looking for experienced loan originators to work with our local team of agents.  You can work from home or we’ll arrange local office space for you.  We generally pair you up with as many as ten local real estate agents that work for our real estate team.  We promise each agent thirty buyer leads per month and they will all flow to you automatically, so you’ll have 300 or more quality leads each month. We also have an inside sales team that is working with you and the agents to follow up and help convert.

    We’re looking for a self-motivated loan originator that is a prospecting, follow up machine, loves the real estate business and has an entrepreneurial spirit and a huge hunger for success. We’re a rapidly growing, tech-focused, real estate brokerage and mortgage lender that is drowning in inbound leads.

    We deliver the leads (but that’s just the start)

    We generate quality home buyer leads using a special formula that combines our real estate marketing, offline data sources and custom Facebook audiences.  These leads are from prospective homebuyers on our website...not second hand leads sold to half a dozen other loan officers.  We promise you will receive at least 75 leads per months (up to 300).  

    Rate (and points) do matter

    The only thing worse than losing a deal over rate and cost is to listen to your sales manager tell you “rates don’t matter, sell your service”.  By employing only the most ethical, and experienced loan officers we already know that providing every borrower with the right loan program, performing a total cost analysis, and delivering reliable, on-time closings.  But the fact is that if you can’t deliver a very competitive rate and cost structure you’re not providing the highest value to your client.  Retail mortgage lenders are saddled with huge overhead, layers of recruiters, regional managers, national managers and so forth so understably they have a large markup.

    As a highly efficient, tech focused mortgage broker we deliver service and unbeatable rates.  We’ve compared our rates against all the large retail branches (like Guaranteed Rate, Loan Depot, Fairwind, PRMG) and national banks and we are consistently 1.00 point less for the same rate...That’s thousands of dollars less in closing costs for a typical borrower.  Not to mention we receive incredible service and support from our trusted wholesale partners.

    Inside Sales Agents help you convert

    Leads are great, but they take follow up and quick response.  We have inside sales agents working the phone 8am-8pm seven days a week so you don’t have to.. Our ISA team responds within five minutes to all leads and continue to follow up for a year. As soon as they reach a quality prospect they complete a live transfer to schedule a call with you.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t be following up yourself, but we give you support unlikely any other lender.

    The best (marketing)  technology. Period.

    Lenders like to brag about their technology, but let’s face it, most of it is outdated and clunky. Our founder invented the original Loan Origination Centers and was the chief technology officer of LenderLive Network. When we talk about technology we’re not referring to the LOS system...we’d prefer you use the LOS system as little as possible and let our processors handle that. Our tech is a seamless combination that ties in Facebook and Google back to our CRM system. Our leads flow in realtime from the web into our CRM where automated text campaigns and email systems help you convert them into closed loans.

    We have also developed a specialized system that matches home sellers (i..e future homebuyers) with names, phone, email and targets them through Facebook advertising, outbounding calling and direct mail.  

    Work with our in-house agents

    Our YourWayHome team of agents is expanding nationwide. We’ll match you up with local agents on our team and you’ll service them as their in-house loan officer.  Paired on the same CRM and supported by our ISAs you’ll experience the joy of working side by side with agents instead of being treated like a vendor.  We promise each of our agents 30 leads a working with a team of ten local agents means you’ll have 300 more prospects each month.

    Attract Realtors that will be asking to work with you

    Our in-house marketing department is among the best in the business when it comes to online lead generation. Nothing attracts agents like leads! We will work with you and your target agents on cooperative marketing programs that’ll have agents calling you.  We leverage technology to do things like automated email and voice mail campaigns to agents that may have listings that have sat on the market and not sold...inviting them to discuss how our marketing strategies such as seller paid buydowns and our online facebook marketing may help them move that listing.

    YourHomeBenefit will bring you agents and borrowers

    Inman News just featured our YourHomeBenefit program, read about it at Inman news,  After that article ran nearly two hundred Realtors signed up for the program. You are assigned to the Realtors in your area to offer this awesome free benefit to local employers.  Leverage your contacts and invite top producing  Realtors that you want to develop a relationship with to join you as the preferred agent at no cost. And likewise the agents that sign up with us will be paired with you as the preferred lender.  There is simply no better way to grow your business than by partnering with agents to offer this employee homeownership program to local employers. 

    The renovation loan and its awesome power

    As new home prices escalate and millennials prefer urban areas over the suburbs, renovation loans will be a hot source of business.  By utilizing our real estate company’s marketing we generate renovation purchase loan prospects by marketing “for sale homes” that are good candidates for a remodel (i.e. lower priced, older homes in urban areas).  Better yet, we’ve developed an automated campaign that identifies real estate agents that have listings that have sat on the market for 45 or more days. Often these homes aren’t selling because the condition isn’t up to par and the sellers refuse to make needed updates.  When these agents realize that you can help market the home as what it can become, rather than what it is, you’ll be their new number one lender.

    Keeping it simple

    Our leadership team is proud of their twenty-five plus year history as mortgage brokers.  We use Loansifter to identify lenders with the best program and rates. We have over two dozen lenders and hundreds of programs to compare. Lenders like UWM offer unbeatable rates, programs such as Nationwide High Balance loans, conventional loans with no pricing adjustments, and technology tools that make submitting loans and conditions literally one click away when an app is submitted on our website.  If you’re coming from the retail branch network or a bank you will absolutely love having the flexibility to choose the wholesale lender that meets the needs of each loan. And as a company we have no bureaucracy wasting your time.

    Let us double your business

    Keep your existing book of business and we will easily double it.   Continue to work your established base of referral sources and add to that 75 leads a month, plus our team of in-house agents and their leads, and our YourHomeBenefit program.  If you aren’t doubling your production with us you aren’t utilizing all of our tools.

    Work where you want

    We have a network of offices and conference rooms available in nearly every city and town available for your use as needed.  If you prefer to work full-time in an office we can arrange that. Or you may work from home and utilize our offices and meeting spaces as needed.


    The greatest reward is always given to those that step out of the box, take a chance and climb to new heights.  A dynamic leader deserves to be richly compensated.

    As a mortgage broker we have some of the lowest rates & costs available. Compared to a bank or retail branch network we average about 100 basis points lower for any given rate so you won't lose deals over rate.  And working with lenders like UWM we deliver super fast turnaround times.

    We pay a competitive commission on company generated loans and a higher commission on self-sourced business. Our team will be spending thousands of dollars a month on lead generation for you.   But more importantly, you’ll be working with leaders and innovators in the real estate industry that believe in you and want to invest in your future.

    Loan officer compensation is a slippery slope. The more you make the higher the rates and costs are to the borrower. We’ve structured our pricing to enable you to be highly compensated while still delivering among the lowest rate and fees in the market.  As a broker we take the best wholesale pricing and mark it up 2 points (that’s it, we don’t have any hidden income).   That usually means we can beat any retail lender by about a point or more. (Most retail branches start with pricing that is about 1/2 point worse than wholesale and then mark it up 250-275 bp).  

    Of the 2 point markup we pay you 62.5% of our total gross income on loan you bring in (that’s 125 basis points) and 40% (80 basis points) on loans where the company generates the lead (the only fee is $500 deducted off the top--before our split with you-- by our team’s licensed entity to cover compliance, insurance, etc.)

    You’ll have tons of company provided leads, excellent pricing and products, tremendous marketing that attracts Realtors, and you’ll be well compensated.   We expect those loan officers hitting our targets to be making over $200,000 per year and there is no limit.

    Who is a good fit?

    The ideal candidate is passionate about achievement, draws energy from working with people and takes ownership of the sales process to maximum effectiveness.  You lean strongly towards being an extrovert, yet still pay attention to the details of the loan origination process.

    This person has the drive and tenacity to achieve or exceed productivity, appointment setting, and revenue targets while effectively assisting customers with their inquiries.  The right candidate must possess a leader’s attitude and bring the best out of their team of real estate agents.

    You will make 30+ calls a day. If you don’t like selling via telephone this is not the job for you. You need to be a natural at building a repertoire with clients over the phone.

    At least two years experience as a loan originator
    You should be closing at least twenty transactions per year now
    Be consistently closing at least one loan a month now from your own efforts
    Tech savvy and are a quick learner
    Brings out the best in others (keeping real estate agents motivated)
    Exceptionally strong written and verbal communication skills
    Passionate about selling and delivering an amazing customer experience.
    Enthusiastic with excellent people skills
    Independent and self-motivated
    Extremely strong phone skills; ability to set and close appointments over the phone
    Not offended by rejection
    To be successful in this role you will need to meet a minimum number of calls and follow-up tasks per day
    Great memory and recall (need to be able to learn and retain information about the cities in your region).
    Must have a mortgage license in at least one state and we will help you get licensed where needed.

    Don't Miss Your Opportunity

    We hire loan officers on an exclusive basis for each territory and we are interviewing now.  Use the link below to submit your application. 

    Job Type: Full-time
    Salary: $100,000.00 to $300,000.00 /year
    Experience: Mortgage Loan Origination: 2 years (Required)
    License: NMLS ID (Required)

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