Map Rendering Specialist

Our Client FMC is leading the next-generation technology innovation and integration for the global auto industry. With our broad talent base, we are building premium smart electric cars in China and shaping the future for automobiles globally. FMC is searching for talented, self-motivated logistics professionals to work in a free-thinking culture creating the next gen premium entry EVs with the highest autonomous technologies at our Santa Clara, CA facility.
We’re looking for a highly motivated Map Rendering Specialist to join our growing team:

A.  Responsibilities (essential to the position)

1.        Create real-time rendering techniques such as deferred rendering, shadow mapping/volumes, HDR, ambient-occlusion, particle systems for snow, rain, etc.
2.        Build tools and rebuild systems to maintain a real-time navigation map for the automotive embedded user interface system. 
3.        Write GLSL shaders to implement specific real-time rendering effects for maps.
4.        Design, code and debug software to optimize the performance of map renderer.
5.        Work with a cross-functional team of hardware engineers, application/UI software engineers, QA/Validation, and designers.
6.        Manage the relationship with the map data provider.

B.  Requirements:
1. Industry background: 
·      Experience writing rendering engines such as Unity and Unreal
·      Experience with using geographic data to make a map
·      Experience processing tabular data for a specific use case
·      Experience with vector graphics rendering/rasterization
·      Strong record of innovation demonstrated through patents, papers or products
·      Proven ability to articulate and advocate a vision for technology direction with customers and internal development teams

2. Knowledge and Skills:
·      Proficient in C+C#/Node.js
·      Proficient in OpenGL/OpenGL ES2
·      Experience with PostGIS, QGIS, GRASS or similar tools
·      Experience with software project management, familiar with agile methodology
·      Desired experience: Game graphics optimization (LOD, streaming, culling, etc.) and map rendering experience

3. Education/Training
 ·      Bachelor in Automotive/Embedded Software/Systems Engineering/Computer Science with 5+ years of work experience
 ·      Strong presentation skills and excellent interpersonal skills; fun, outgoing and easy to work with 
 ·      Self-starter able to operate with minimal supervision to achieve objectives