Branch Manager - Sales

Brunswick Branch Manager – Job Description

Vivo Growth Partners needs the expertise of an experienced Branch Sales Manager who has experience in the large equipment industry. We're looking for a dedicated professional with a proven track record of helping businesses increase their sales numbers and improving their sales associates' performance. We are a steadily growing firm with a talented stable of sales professionals. Because of our growth, we need a sales management professional who can usher us into the next phase of our development and ensure that we continually meet our sales quotes on a monthly basis.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Branch Management Responsibilities
  • Lead the branch in a positive and supportive way.
  • Provide a catalyst for teamwork and cross department cooperation.
  • Proactively monitors and strives to maintain high levels of quality, accuracy and process consistency across the sales organization
  • Identifies areas for improvement; prioritizes, designs and facilitates successful implementation and adoption of new processes
  • Oversee all associates at the facility, manage daily HR related issues and coordinate with corporate on issues
  • Attend branch manager meetings and relay direction to branch associates
  • Oversee adherence to Southeastern policies and procedures
  • Review financial reports and follow up on deficiencies
  • Relay capital expenditure needs to corporate
  • Oversee 3-5 salespeople and all activates associated with them.
  • Actively use and promote the use of the Salesforce CRM
  • Perform weekly checks and reviews of call/activity reports
  • Review sales pipelines and open opportunities weekly
  • Assist in pricing deals and creating quotes as needed
  • Perform ride-alongs and attend customer meetings as needed
  • Assist salesmen in sourcing and ordering equipment as needed through proper Southeastern channels
  • General Branch Support
  • Perform DPO’s as necessary (delivery and transfer paperwork for machines)
  • Fill in for parts calls if all associates are busy
  • Perform any and all activities necessary to fill temporary gaps in associates
Primary Branch Goals:

  • Grow monthly rental sales above 100,000 dollars, currently 20,000.
  • Grow each salesperson’s annual sales to 3 million or greater.
  • Gain customers in the territory and rebuild the large-size contractor customer base for Cleveland.

  • Location: Brunswick, Ohio
  • Bachelors in business or related field desired
  • 5+ years sales/sales operations experience
  • 3 - 6 years’ experience as a people leader
  • Experience communicating with all levels including individual contributors and executives
  • Experience working cross functionally including sales, marketing, finance, and operations
  • Experience with business intelligence tools
  • Advanced Excel
  • Presenting
  • Training
  • Analysis
  • Project Management
Compensation range:

  • 65,000 to 85,000 base pay with .5% of sales over 5,000,000 to 8,000,000.
  • Company expense program for car.
  • Cell Phone, laptop and expense reporting.
Job Type: Full-time