Full Stack Developer

We're looking for a few good people to join us prototyping and launching our next product. 
These are the roles we are hiring:
Full Stack development
  • Your focus is on services and big data, with a secondary focus on PC or Mobile. 
  • You have provable hands-on experience with large-scale service APIs, big data, distributed computing and a deep understanding of things like High Availability, Failover, System testing/validation, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.  
  • You will be responsible for helping with the maintenance of the current product as well as creating wild and zany (but potentially ground breaking and revenue making) new products. We gotta keep the lights on (therefore maintenance of the current product) and we’re all about prototyping and creation! 
Thinking you fit the bill? We’ll only hire someone who likes to make things happen, because SweetLabs is a fast-paced, fully-grown company living the startup mentality. 
Here’s what we care about right now:
  • Mobile Tech 
  • PC Tech 
  • Big Data 
  • Machine Learning. 
  • Positive revenue stream (yes, we’ve got one)
We're fiercely startup oriented. That means you get the thrilling fast-paced “make-it-happen” experience and the “great idea but not today” experience, too.  We invest in small, focused teams working quickly that evolve products rapidly.
Here’s what we’re about:
Incubation approach
About every eighteen months we kick-off a new product creation project. 
Either we assemble a team, or the company self-organizes a team. Then we start exploring ideas and churning out software prototypes 
Active mentoring and assignments that match your career goals  
You tell us where you want to go, how you want to grow your skills, and how to be mentored. If you have a career at SweetLabs, you deserve to move forward.
Do you love breaking stuff?  Good! So do we.  Disruption is our favorite dessert, appetizer and main course. We’re grown-ups. We eat dessert first.
We support and encourage active learning
Have you ever tried to get your boss to give you some time to work on something cutting edge and found yourself “too valuable” to stop maintaining some aging code base? Stop settling for leftovers. Eat dessert first. We mean it.
We support side projects 
If you get to work on your pet projects, good for you! But for comparison, here’s what has come out of side projects at SweetLabs so far this year:
  • Drone/AI/Navigation
  • Position based activities (recommendation, assistant)
  • Community system for crowd-sourced geo information (Photos, notes, apps)
  • Foosball scoring device (We take our foosball seriously around here)
Flat reporting structure
You'll work with everyone in the company from C-Level to Entry-level. We all mix and “Surprise!” we get to know each other.
"Get It Done"
This is the mantra among our co-founders.  We think innovating products that sell like crazy is proof we’re doing the right thing. 
Founding team with more than a decade of experience working together  
Our founders worked together at another startup and after that company’s IPO we launched SweetLabs. We're still hungry and it’s not just for money.
Unlimited PTO 
Our people like it here and tend to take the same amount of PTO they would have taken at a less cool place.  Ask yourself: “Wouldn't it be nice to work somewhere where it’s still fun and challenging after the first 60 days?”
The Ultimate Compliment
Our goal is to help you grow so much that you'll outgrow us. 
So what are we looking for? 
The Basics
  • 4 years experience writing server side code for Linux with relevant degree or equivalent on the job experience 
  • Mastery of essential languages (at least two of these): PHP, Python, Javascript, Go (or name three really cool languages you've mastered and make your case for dropping one off our list for one of yours)
  • Self-starter by nature
  • Team-oriented attitude
  • Experience with high traffic services (We are going to ask you about these in detail)
  • A continuing desire to learn new things and explore cutting edge, weird, or unknown tech
Experience in at least one of these:
  • High Availability Services
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Large Scale Cloud Deployments (AWS, Google, Azure, etc.)
The Bonus Round
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Team lead experience
  • Startup experience (from inception)
I’m Mark, a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder and CTO of SweetLabs and that’s the download. I love coming to work every day and if you think this sounds like a company you might love, too, I want to talk to you.