Lead Data Scientist

We're looking to hire a Data Scientist who can help build a product that will help developers code smarter and increase productivity. Our goal is to build a SAAS Platform for developers leveraging data + AI.

You'll have the responsibility to lead and advance all aspects of data science and machine learning capabilities for Software.

Software.com is hiring a Data Scientist to help us discover amazing truths that 
challenge commonly held beliefs, extract data that excites and resonates with the 
world of developers, create compelling new Data Products for our customers, 
and answer deep questions with statistical rigor.

We're looking for an experienced candidate who's done similar work before. That 
includes hands on practice with data modeling inside a warehouse, handling 
streaming data from Kinesis/Kafka or similar for real time analytics, creating, 
training, and publishing machine learning models, and applying statistical 
mathematics find predictive signals within our data.

We are building a diverse team from different backgrounds and varying 
experiences. Our team is inclusive, supportive and positive so we can all do our 
best work together. 

Being a fully remote company from the beginning, we have a 
different view on productivity, meetings, and how work is done. You can live and 
work from anywhere you want, stay in one place, or keep moving as you see fit. 
Work won't be dictating how and where you can live, so long as you can arrange 
your day to have 4 hours of overlap with Pacific Time.

About the job

Software.com is a software developer data platform that empowers individuals 
and teams improve on their own. We use data to drive better coding habits, which 
can result in self-discovery, better balance, and improved performance. In 
addition, we help developers easily set benchmarks, goals, or run experiments to 
improve their craft.

For you, this means there are two sides to this job. 
On the Data Product side your work will inform and refine existing data products 
and create entirely novel data products for our customers. Creative use of the 
data we collect, deep exploration to turn "unknowns" into "knowns", and 
challenging commonly held beliefs through data is how you'll spend most of your 
time. You'll be able to sift and sort through a large and performant data lake of 
granular, clean, anonymized, high value data from nearly 100,000 users. This data 
will get richer over time to include more data sources with versioned schemas 
validating and enriching the data during ingestion.

On the Business Intelligence side your work will help us be more efficient, more 
aware, and help us take measured steps forward with the entire business. This 
means helping us understand how our users use the platform, establish facts, 
discover and expose insights through data visualization tools, and help us 
understand the actuals of the business.

Some examples of projects you might work on:

  1.  Designing and measuring A/B tests while making sure that we are being patient to get to stat sig. 
  2. Find interesting correlations of events that seem impact developer productivity, and then prove it true or false. 
  3. Create machine learning models that react to a user's real time behaviors to enable active features of the platform.
  4. Use SQL to model raw events into aggregated metrics and datagrams
  5. Use Python to create and train models that will find novel predictive variables
  6. Create a Music recommendation engine based on productivity metrics 
    intermixed with song attributes like 'liveness', 'valence', 'speechiness', and 
  7. Create custom vectorization models to classify songs by their productivity 
    scores (check out Song2Vec)
  8. Illuminate how much we spend on infrastructure and services per user and 
    how that is trending as we scale.
  9. Answer questions such as, "Is the platform getting slower? Are we having 
    fewer errors over time or more?"

Working on these projects and answering those questions means working with 
our data warehouse in SQL, using Python to run data through algorithms, 
transforming data from transactional databases into new formats, and utilizing 
some off the shelf systems like Tableau or Mixpanel.  We are also open to other tools you recommend.

That's a lot of different systems, data sources, and responsibility! So, you 
probably won't be an expert in all of those things, and that's OK. We're looking 
for solid fundamentals, curiosity, and an appetite for discovery.

About You

You should be comfortable working remotely, since that's really the only option! 
We value people that can self manage, communicate well (especially written), and 
that are kind to each other.
You'll likely have a degree and experience that has exposed you to the rigor 
required for statistical and analytical work.

You should be good at using data to tell a story and are able to build that story 
to share it with us, our customers, and the world. We have a lot of written 
documentation and value people that can add to it and improve it over time. We 
also have a developer focused newsletter called SRC that is a place to publish 
new findings, interesting developments, and more. Your work will be published in 
this newsletter and also on our growing list of Data Pages.

About our Pay and Benefits

We use Advanced HR to guide our salary and option levels. This means that we'll 
pay in line with the hottest startups at a similar size and funding level as 
ourselves based on data, not a gut feeling. 
We offer Health Insurance, Dental, and Vision coverage for you and your family. 
PTO is unlimited and encouraged. A balance of work and life outside of work is 
important for you as a human being and, ultimately, beneficial for us as a 
We also provide a monthly Coffee subscription to keep you stocked!

How to apply

Please fill out the form below and send us your resume and a cover letter. 
Introduce yourself as a colleague and let us get to know you. We'd love to hear 
about how you'd approach some of the projects listed in the description. Imagine 
you're doing that work and give us a tour of your thoughts. 

It doesn't have to be long, 600 words is plenty. We want to get to know 
how you think and write since that's such an important part of working here.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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