Software QA Intern

About the internship

ShopBack’s engineering ace team constantly develops new product features that will shape the way users explore and shop online. These features are built on top of large-scale datasets with millions of data points.

Our philosophy is to build things, break things, and then rebuild them better. That thinking is at the core of how we improve our existing infrastructure and coding design. As a Software QA Intern, you will navigate around ShopBack’s codebase across various projects, identifying weak spots and constantly designing creative ways to break the product and identify potential problems. You are responsible to constantly raise the quality of our growing suite of products and features. As with all our positions, we understand that interests and skill sets shift and there are several opportunities to migrate between teams so you can have every opportunity to work on the projects that pique your interests.

  • Create test design, test plans to test functionality for the ShopBack Web application. Ensure that test plans are usable by others. 
  • Collaborate with the QA Lead to work on test cases and build test scripts or automated tests with code.
  • Participate in feature team meetings throughout the product development life cycle. Test features to ensure they will interact correctly with other features in production.
  • Use Selenium for UI automation
  • Receive in depth training on the libraries and tech stack at ShopBack
  • Tools you will learn to use: Selenium, Webdriverio, Mocha, Chai

About you

  • Willingness to learn new technologies
  • You have that fighting spirit to deal with anything on your way and willing to run the extra mile to achieve results
  • Experience in Javascript is a plus
  • Pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related major