Developer Advocate (Tidyverse)


As a developer advocate for the tidyverse, you will empower the community to contribute to the tidyverse through a mix of individual engagement and workflow development. You will work closely with Hadley and his team (Gabor Csardi, Jenny Bryan, Jim Hester, Lionel Henry, and Max Kuhn) to ensure that the tidyverse is easy for people to learn, use, and contribute to.

This role is flexible and we expect that the job will evolve to fit your particular skillset. That said, there are four high-priority activities where we need help now. You should be able to hit the ground running with the ability to contribute to at least two of them.

  • Steward tidyverse GitHub issues, helping contributors create reprexes and understand the process while providing a warm and friendly contact point.

  • Help out with tidyverse pull requests by educating submitters about the process, helping patches follow the tidyverse style guidelines, and providing advice on git woes. 

  • Develop tidyverse-wide processes to ensure that we have concrete, clear, consistent workflows. You’ll document these process by writing files and blog posts.

  • Where time allows, proactively support users of the tidyverse (particularly the newest), monitoring tidyverse tags on Stack Overflow, twitter, and the tidyverse forums. You won’t be expected to answer every problem but you can always help make a better reprex and point people in the right direction.

You’ll also have the scope to develop your own ways to help the tidyverse community. Some of our ideas are:

  • Develop a process for labelling github issues that could be fixed by a community member, and a system for tracking issues and giving feedback.

  • Write blog posts featuring real data analyses that integrate multiple parts of the tidyverse to solve real problems.

  • Talk about tidyverse processes at meetups and conferences.

  • Improve documentation and vignettes throughout the tidyverse or identify opportunities for community contributors.

  • Use social media to highlight activity by the greater tidyverse community.

  • Build dashboards to help track what’s going on throughout the tidyverse, and flag issues that are affecting many users.

  • Write a script to identify newcomers to #rstats/#tidyverse twitter and make sure that their first experience is welcoming.


  • Excited about R, the tidyverse, and about developing workflows.
  • Proficiency with the tidyverse.
  • Strong written communication skills.
  • Deep empathy for newcomers to R.
  • Belief that technical competence is absolutely compatible with tact and empathy. 
  • Must ❤️ reprexes.
  • Basic proficiency with git.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.

RStudio is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage people with diverse backgrounds to apply. 

Cover letter

In your cover letter, please include a 1-2 page writing sample where you explain one part of the tidyverse that you particularly like. It is fine to use something that you've previously published; if it's available publicly, you can include a link instead of the text itself.