Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description is looking for an experienced machine learning engineer with a specialization in deep learning for images.  You will help us develop the core algorithm for our search systems, and utilize state of the art deep learning methods to extract rich and transferable features to build an advanced visual search engine.

  • Apply the latest advances in deep learning and computer vision to improve visual search quality, product classification and result ranking
  • Build technology powering product discovery through image recognition

Skills and Qualifications
  • Passionate about visual search and applied computer vision problems
  • 3+ years experience applying deep learning methods in settings like transfer learning with visual embeddings, object detection, classification, and fine-grained recognition
  • Industry experience in deploying ML/DL models into production (familiarity with scalability/latency/portability concerns, experience with experimentation and hyperparameter tuning)
  • Experience with learning from ranking labels (i.e. triplet learning, metric learning, etc.) and deploying ranking models (i.e. learn-to-rank)