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Plastiq is billpay with benefits.
Everyday payments have become second nature: we swipe a card, tap a button, or press submit. But many of our most meaningful bills — a child's care or tuition, critical business expenses, or taxes and rent — haven't caught up. Billions of checks are still written today. Wire transfers can be confusing. Payments are slow, late, or even unaccounted for.
We set out to tackle these challenges.
Our mission? To make bill payment simple and seamless. Plastiq lets you pay bills in the way that works best for you.

This is going to be an unusual job description because we have a rare role for the right person.

The Backstory. As you can see from the above, we’re building a new category of bill pay that provides many benefits. Initially successful with savvy consumers, Plastiq provides convenience and a way to rapidly earn credit card rewards by allowing customers to pay vendors who don’t normally accept credit cards (eg landlords, universities, government agencies). More recently, we’ve seen a whole new customer set - entrepreneurs, businesses owners, controllers, CFOs - come to Plastiq because they value an additional benefit: improving their company’s working capital. By allowing businesses to put virtually any expense on their credit card, we’re helping them fully tap the line of credit they’ve already earned on their MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards. We need your help to tell this story simply and at scale.

This is the kind of person we believe we need:

You’re not afraid of big challenges. We’re building a new category here that has the potential to improve business outcomes for millions of entrepreneurs and business owners. At the same time, you have to deliver short-term results - both driving a self-serve business and feeding leads to our new and growing sales teams. On top of that, you’re helping the company fully target a new customer segment - small and medium-sized business that is the future of Plastiq.

Still reading? Ok, then:

A testing mindset is second nature. Plan, test, grow. You have ideas for how we can grow. Since we’re a startup, you can plan tests that help prove your hypothesis, iterate and scale from there. You understand how to sequence go-to-market programs that helps us handle burn wisely while giving you what can help you grow the business.

You’ve seen the other side and can guide the company in the right direction. You understand what our challenges will be a year or two from now and can help prepare the company and your team to meet them. Likely you’ve done this before at another fast-growing startup or can share examples of how your experience would translate to Plastiq. You’ll work closely with our executive team as well as across teams - product, people ops, operations, etc - and so are comfortable debating ideas to get to the right solution for Plastiq.

You create order out of chaos. This point will mainly benefit the team you lead. Initially you’ll manage a team of ~5. But, if we’re successful, you’ll likely develop the team to 3x that size by the end of 2019. What examples can you provide of how you’ve supported people who work for you, helped them achieve their full potential and advance their career goals?

You’re fluent in at least 2 of these 3 dimensions: fast-growing start-ups, selling to SMBs, fintech. As we’ve hired other people, we’ve come to realize that there is a lot to learn about our unusual business opportunity. So, it really helps if you come already well-versed in at least 2 of the 3 dimensions of our go-to-market needs.

That’s it? Challenge us, maybe we don’t have this right and your point of view will help us better understand why you’re the right fit. 

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