Client Services Engineer - Europe

Piano is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS company with operations in New York City, Los Angeles, Bratislava, and Izhevsk.  We provide enterprise software to the world’s leading media companies, including CNBC, NBC Sports, the Economist, Condé Nast, Hearst, and Gannett. Our software enables these companies to create customized digital experiences for users, restrict and sell access to content online, and analyze user behavior in order to maximize revenue. 

We are recruiting exceptionally smart people to join our team and help us build a dynamic technology, product and client success operation. 
Position Overview
Piano is seeking a Client Services Engineer who is responsible for the successful technical implementation of our software for new clients and serve as the escalation engineer for Level 2 technical support.
The core responsibilities of the Client Services Engineer are:

●       Deployment guidance.  Communicating to our Client Services team and to the client’s implementation team the business benefits that led to the purchase decision and the deployment options and integration points that are necessary to enable those benefits.

●       Integration expertise.  Understanding how our software integrates with the relevant and related tools and systems that our clients use, including proficiency in how to use our APIs.

●       Technical expertise.  Being able to answer questions about how our software is architected and developed as well as how individual features and functions technically work.  

●       Integration planning.  Working with the Implementation Manager in Client Services to create a project plan that details the tasks that must be accomplished to successfully implement and test our software for our clients  and to the client’s implementation team, and working with both teams to apply a timeline to the project milestones.

●       Technical implementation guidance.  Guiding our client’s technical team on how to implement and integrate our software, leveraging technical documentation that exists, code snippets that have been developed for previous client implementations, and creating new documentation and code snippets where necessary to aid the client implementation. Additionally, guiding clients in testing their implementation and resolving issues raised during the testing process. 

●       Technical troubleshooting and ongoing technical support during implementation.  Being the contact person for the client’s implementation team when technical issues or questions arise. Troubleshooting integration code, testing API calls and responses, validating test results.

●       Ongoing support post-implementation.  Providing Level 2 technical support for the 10% of issues with our clients’ ongoing use of our tools that arise and are beyond the expertise of our Technical Solutions Associates.

●       Documentation skills.  Creating documentation to streamline the implementation process or address specific client requirements.  Maintaining a library of documents, assets, and tools that aid implementation and testing.

We are looking for candidates with the following qualifications:

●       BS degree in computer science or equivalent experience in software implementation

●       Strong command of javaScript (including frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, Backbone, Node)

●       Experience working with APIs, JSON, XML, PHP

●       Passionate about helping our clients generate great value through the use our software 

●       Demonstrable knowledge of SQL

●       Familiarity with Drupal and Wordpress (or other CMS platforms) will be a strength 

●       Track record of problem solving and innovation

●       Aptitude to learn new technologies quickly

●       Piano offers competitive compensation packages and benefits commensurate with experience.