Data Engineer

About the position
Pathlight’s Data Engineer will analyze sales data and build predictive models that inform our product’s proactive recommendations for sales managers, helping them identify potential issues before they become big problems. This is a unique opportunity to productize your analysis, as the outcomes of your work will be built into our product directly. We're looking for someone who has the desire to own multiple layers of the stack and an interest in discovering ways that sales managers can better manage their employees through data analysis.

This position would be a great fit for those who have been in a Full Stack role and are looking to gain experience in data science or a Data Scientist looking for more practical experience in building a product from the ground up. If you are interested in green fields and leading the development of a robust data-driven application, then we would love to hear from you!

Some example challenges you’ll be facing
  • Predicting the ideal time to email that customer who is just about to close
  • Assigning probability scores of the likelihood of a lead closing
  • Detecting unprofessional, unproductive, or inefficient forms of sales communication via email messages, calls, meeting times, etc.
  • Identifying the qualities that make the top salespeople in an organization perform at the level they do
  • Designing, building, and scaling an infrastructure that runs our arsenal of models across the immense amounts of data found in a CRM belonging to Fortune 500 companies

What you'll bring
  • Have a solid understanding of Python, SQL, and the shell
  • Above average (/median?) of statistics and mathematics
  • Work experience in a startup environment
  • Some experience building and scaling web applications
  • Comfort with modeling data that can be stored efficiently in a database
  • Work experience and/or advanced degree in math, statistics, or computer science

Note: We are unfortunately unable to sponsor any visas (including H-1B visas) at this time.