SOA Solutions Architect

Duration – 6+ months
Location – Columbus, OH
Rate – OPEN
Visa: GC EAD, GC or USC
***The best candidate would come from a Java backend server development and Architecture experience. This is an integration, SOA project so this person would be responsible for architecting this project.
If someone is a very senior SOA/JAVA TEAM LEAD who has done a lot of solution architecture. This person should have anywhere from 10 – 15 years of expeirence. 
·         Credit card Payment experience is very important
·         Java experience and docker with springboot (java framework) for SOA – they’re transitioning from IIB to docker, spring boot
·         General enterprise experience, SOA
·         Camel or mule instead of IIB is fine = messaging and mapping technologies
·         CICS = platforms integrated with MVS (mainframe operating system)
·         CICD = continuous integration is a priority
·         Junit testing and the type of unit testing they do
·         Experience integrating with Equifax is not required but would be extremely sought after
Venkat Manda| Phone: 248-480-8189 
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