Executive Assistant / Office Manager

You have one job: to create more time. 

Whether it’s through diligent preparation, detailed planning, or determined problem-solving, your secret to success is helping other people successfully do more in a day. And week. And month. You take great pride in being the invisible (and sometimes not-so-invisible) hand that pushes things along.  

What does success look like? 
  • Assisting and supporting the CEO in optimizing his working hours through proactive organization, judicious gatekeeping, and strict time management
  • Ownership over vendor and building management, supplies and food ordering, equipment and swag procurement and tracking, and operational budget management and adherence 
  • Positive team-first attitude in helping company and functional teams in daily operations as well as in large one-off events (like an office move, retreat, etc)

Why you will succeed: 
  • 3-5 years of total experience successfully supporting a C-level executive and small team, ideally in a fast-paced and fluid environment
  • You see a problem, you fix a problem. And you move on to the next one. 
  • No task is too small. And no ask is too big.