Clinical Operations Manager

You want to help people. 

That's why you went through nearly a decade of schooling, studying, and some might say, suffering. 
That's why you have amassed a soul-crushing amount of student debt. 
That's why you cannot stand idle when you know there is a way to make it better. 

What does success look like? 
  • Product evangelist externally, working with our sales, marketing, and client success teams to build relationships with current and prospective clients
  • Product sounding board internally, working with our design and engineering teams to develop a clinician-focused and clinician-first product
  • Passionate about changing healthcare with software

Why you will succeed: 
  • Has a medical degree as well as any additional certifications from a top tier university or medical program
  • Professionally trained and has experience practicing as a clinician in a U.S. hospital
  • Understands clinical workflows as well as software technology in hospitals
  • Sharp business acumen and intuition around technology usage, product design, and user experience