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WEDU is searching for a dynamic leader as its next President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to manage the operations and serve as the external “face” of west central Florida’s community-licensed PBS station. WEDU broadcasts from Tampa, Florida, reaching a total of 16 counties in the 11th-largest US television market. 
The CEO reports to the WEDU Board of Directors and will be directly responsible for all station activities as well as day-to-day station management.
This person will personally direct, plan, staff and organize all the operations of the station by providing an innovative, creative and strategic vision for this Public Media organization, its Television and other media platforms as we expand in the challenging digital environment. 
This person must excel at community engagement and partnership building, as well as, deliver critical and effective fundraising leadership, involving public and private sources, while providing important financial guidance to the CFO and executive staff. 
The CEO, along with the executive staff, plans the annual budget and oversees it closely, making certain WEDU’s goals and financial targets are reached. 
This position will be responsible for growing revenue by increasing the donor base and underwriting support. This includes driving major and planned-giving campaigns, and personally making donor calls. Being at the forefront in establishing relevant strategies and goals for monetizing all new and existing media platforms is paramount.
WEDU is in a solid financial position. With growing membership revenues and a healthy endowment, we are on a path to become the preeminent source of content to serve the local needs of our region. To continue that momentum and to enhance our financial strength, WEDU seeks a leader whose stride and determination will take us there. 
Together, the Board and Staff of WEDU have developed a profile of the next President and CEO of WEDU. Candidates who most closely match this profile will be considered. 


We seek an experienced, energetic, externally focused individual, committed to localism, who will help WEDU continue on its path of powerfully serving the people of west central Florida, who: 

  • Effectively and enthusiastically serves as the external “face” of WEDU; 
  • Can continue to lead the transformation of the organization into an essential local institution; 
  • Is comfortable dealing with a wide range of stakeholders – from a single member to high-end donors and community leaders; 
  • Puts the mission and success of WEDU first; 
  • Excels at creating, developing and maintaining partnerships that will benefit WEDU and the community; 
  • Has strong business skills and a record of effective business management; 
  • Is committed to and comfortable with diversity, both within the institution and in the community; and 
  • Is an effective change agent. 

Strategic Focus: 

We want a person with a powerful understanding of and use of strategy in organizational life, to achieve the current vision of the organization, who: 

  • Can demonstrate their ability to consistently communicate and carry out WEDU’s mission, values, and vision; 
  • Is data driven: networks with and benchmarks other organizations to increase WEDU effectiveness; and 
  • Is able to continuously develop, execute and evaluate strategic plans, in concert with other stakeholders, and to champion strategic perspectives. 


Through a combination of knowledge and insights about WEDU and the context in which it operates, we want a person who is able to generate significant organizational improvements in terms of enhanced or new business products, services, or internal processes, and who: 

  • Is personally creative and able to act on that creativity; 
  • Is open-minded and a good learner, who is not risk-averse; 
  • Has a focus on innovative models and conquering challenges; 
  • Is inventive and makes connections quickly; 
  • Sees possibilities even in the face of severe difficulties; 
  • Is an out-of-the-box thinker; and 
  • Has desire, persistence and resourcefulness to solve problems and make things happen. 


Our most important asset is the trust our viewers and the community have in our programming and in WEDU as an institution. The WEDU President/CEO will: 
  • Have clear, high standards for (him or her) self and others; 
  • Be a good steward of public funds; 
  • Be a trustworthy, authentic, courageous, ethical person of substance with strong awareness and sense of self; and 
  • Demonstrate a record of being able to identify, confront, analyze and resolve ambiguous issues and potential or real conflicts of interest, both for (her or him) self and others in the organization. 


To represent WEDU in various arenas, we seek a person with highly developed public and private interpersonal skills, who: 

  • Can demonstrate being a skillful listener; 
  • Enjoys being in a public situation; 
  • Is an organized thinker, effective writer and speaker; 
  • Is personable, inspiring and respectful; and 
  • Is an effective spokesperson for the organization. 

Industry Knowledge: 

Our expectation is to attract a person with an expert level of knowledge and media savviness; along with knowing trends in technology and consumption of media (including public television) who: 

  • Has a high level of understanding of the dynamics, issues and trends of localism, and ability to lead WEDU in this area; 
  • Is knowledgeable of and has experience with the dynamics, issues and trends in public television; 
  • Is knowledgeable of and has experience with commercial and public media, and is able to use helpful approaches and lessons from both to benefit WEDU; 
  • Has an understanding of and experience with issues related to non-profit organizations; and 
  • Is technologically competent, comfortable with/aware of new media, and able to provide effective leadership towards identifying and adopting new platforms. 


In the context of the massive changes the Internet is having on availability and use of media and other relevant changes in the external and internal environment, our candidate: 

  • Should display an ability to project WEDU’s needs out into the long-term future; 
  • Can see and understand future trends in media, in related fields and the world, and the impact on WEDU’s programming and locally developed content; 
  • Can demonstrate their ability in formulating and periodically updating organizational vision; 
  • Has a learning orientation, including demonstrated methods for gathering, assimilating and making meaning out of information about the changing media, technology and demographic landscape; 
  • Can balance vision with doing; and 
  • Is able to enroll others in working together to execute vision. 


WEDU seeks an effective fundraiser who is knowledgeable of and expert at the President/CEO role in fundraising and resource development, who: 

  • Is effective as a mission spokesperson and at relationship management aspects of fundraising, both individual and institutional; 
  • Has a comprehensive understanding of public media fundraising strategies and methods; 
  • Is able to develop WEDU organizational (staff and board) fundraising capacity, particularly major and planned-giving, as well as attract, lead and hold accountable WEDU fundraising staff; and 
  • Is creative and capable at conceiving and developing alternative revenue streams. 

Problem Solving and Decision Making: 

A critical element of skill, WEDU seeks an expert decision-maker, who: 

  • Has the ability to prioritize and determine significance of a particular issue, understands who to include in the problem-solving process, and knows what and how much information is needed; 
  • Is able to effectively analyze and use data in the decision-making process, and will make decisions in a timely matter; 
  • Is good at follow-through: can clearly communicate decisions; 
  • Can design and administer effective execution, with appropriate pre-determined success measures and time-posts; and 
  • Has a level of personal strength to stick by decisions and/or know when a change of direction is needed. 

Community Relationships: 

Our candidate will be an effective, externally focused relationship builder, who: 

  • Continues growing WEDU’s presence in the region, has personal qualities the community can connect with, and over a short period of time can become a recognized leader in the region; 
  • Is a quick study – able to grasp the nuance of the region’s many diverse communities, and to move comfortably and effectively within them; 
  • Demonstrates a record of community engagement and collaboration, and of developing partnerships with individuals and organizations; and 
  • Is comfortable with a wide range of people, and viewed as a peer among those at executive levels and seen as a peer among local, regional and national civic leadership. 

Team Management/Team Building: 

WEDU seeks an inspiring, respectful, highly competent manager of people, who: 

  • Creates and maintains an effective, collaborative, team-oriented, self-motivated, cross-functional culture of professionalism within WEDU; 
  • Adjusts his or her style as needed, collaborating, enrolling, delegating and directing as required by the situation; 
  • Clearly communicates the organization’s mission and goals, and holds self and staff accountable for results; 
  • Has a proven ability to effectively attract, develop and maximize utilization of staff; and 
  • Is committed to and adept at managing diversity. 


Candidates must possess at a minimum a bachelor’s degree and broad management experience in public media, commercial broadcasting, or in allied fields, such as internet media, marketing or related disciplines. The successful candidate must understand the needs of a multi-cultural viewer/donor base and community and must have a track record of successful experience in communicating with the many stakeholders of a large, dynamic private sector entity or a public media outlet such as WEDU. 
WEDU is being assisted in this search by Livingston Associates. For consideration, please submit a letter of introduction, resume, salary requirements and contact information for a minimum of three professional references. 
The posting for the WEDU position can be found at 
 Closing Date: December 15, 2018
 WEDU is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Drug Test required. 

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