Strength and Conditioning Coach


The candidate is to establish and administer effective strength and conditioning protocols to maximize the physical performance of individual Tactical Operators. These protocols will ensure tactical conditioning by monitoring and resolving performance trends while addressing individual needs. The candidate shall provide routine fitness reports to the appointed commander/representative and maintain a professional relationship with the operators’ medical support staff to resolve problem areas outside their scope.


The candidate shall have a Master’s Degree or higher in an accredited exercise science, health science, or physical education-related discipline.


The candidate shall have...

  • Five (5) years of experience working with elite athlete populations (e.g., Division I collegiate, Olympic, professional level athletes or SOP-specific tactical professionals).
  • Demonstrated ability to develop long- and short-range planning and coordination of Special Operation Personnel (SOP) specific performance programs resulting in attributable results with elite athletes (e.g., Division I collegiate, Olympic, professional level athletes or SOP-specific tactical professionals).
  • Demonstrated ability to hike over rough terrain, function in austere environments, and able to lift and manipulate loads and plates up to 25 kilograms.


The candidate shall have...

  • Certification by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), --OR-- be a licensed Athletic Trainer.
  • Current certification in basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to include Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training.


The candidate shall...

  • Coordinate individualized exercise programs with the organization to ensure a safe and expeditious return to training of individuals recovering from injury.
  • Design and implement physical training programs to ensure proper functional movement fitness routines for each individual Tactical Operator to increase energy system development, strength training, and power development.
  • Design and monitor physical training programs for personnel who are on temporary duty or deployed.
  • Perform routine (once a month) pre and post evaluations that will determine arm/leg/abdomen/hip girth measurements and functional movement screening that will determine TACP Operators ability to move efficiently.
  • Perform routine (once a quarter) performance testing that includes: Energy System Development/VO2 max testing, Vertical Jump, Grip Strength, 90 Degree Static back extension test; Fitness Test; and Functional movement max performance Fitness Assessments.
  • Provide instruction and guidance to individuals on physical conditioning and injury prevention.
  • Collaborate with registered dietitian to provide routine (once a month) nutrition education and evaluation for each individual Tactical Operator to increase performance and transform body compositions.
  • Refer all personnel under his/her purview with an apparent new or undiagnosed medical condition to a medical provider for evaluation and treatment.
  • Participate in periodic meetings to review and evaluate physical training programs and identify opportunity for improvement.
  • Perform administrative duties such as maintaining records of workload
  • Assist with physical conditioning/rehabilitation supply inventories. 
  • Provide input to organization regarding supply needs and optimal equipment.
  • Ensure equipment and facilities are properly organized and utilized, and are in safe working condition.
  • Perform work on site during normal duty day and support occasional surge operations. 
  • Advise the Government on layout of the human performance facility.
  • Assist in developing facility standard operating procedures, guidelines, and exercise protocols including the safe use of strength and conditioning equipment.
  • Collect, analyze, resolve, disseminate, and archive information resulting from products created under this support and requires the contractor to understand the highly complex military culture, policies and processes.
  • Execute active collection to include direct observations, interviews, surveys, and focused collection of strength and conditioning for individuals in the unit. 
  • Perform the initial analysis of the collected data and provide direct feedback. 
  • Testing, evaluating, identifying physical performance trends, and providing feedback for physical performance improvement, injury avoidance, and injury recovery.
  • Analyze collected information and research current professional references in order to facilitate in-depth analyses to determine trends, additional materiel or support requirements, future performance concerns, and other information. 
  • Conduct data collection and analyses on an ongoing basis with quarterly reporting. 
  • Identify and prioritize physical training and rehabilitation gaps across the unit with recommendations so that the final product will be able to be disseminated to the correct audience for resolution in accordance with the Government’s guidance. 
  • Provide any recommended performance training guidance necessary to enhance the operators’ capabilities.
  • Recommend mediums and forums to publish findings, characterized as issues or deficiencies that negatively impact the unit’s performance, readiness, training and procedures.
  • Release findings based on approved recommendations in the form of reports, summaries, publications, entries into systems of record. Additionally, findings will be incorporated into training, exercises, and operational planning.
  • Perform updates to applicable databases for trends analysis and historical reference.

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