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Description of Services

The 711th Human Performance Wing, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine's (USAFSAM), Applied Technology and Genomics Division (FHT) performs genetic research and commercial off the shelf testing of products, to enhance force health protection. USAFSAM is an internationally renowned center for aerospace medical learning, consultation, aerospace medical investigations, and aircrew health assessments. The purpose of this effort is to acquire professional computer programming support and systems engineering support for USAFSAM/FHT. Computer programming support contractor employee-provided services shall include: custom software coding, Linux systems administration, bioinformatics/biostatistical consultation, advice, opinions, analyses, evaluations, recommendations, and technical and administrative support for selected USAFSAM/FHT activities. Additional services include technical assistance to troubleshoot and resolve bioinformatics computer and network design/connectivity issues and services. It may include efforts to maintain and modernize software applications, systems, and/or web sites.

Description of Qualifications and Experience Required

Computer Programmer Support. The contractor shall provide computer programming support with the following qualifications:

  1. Demonstrated experience in Linux, Bash, Python, R, C, and Perl scripting.
  2. Experience working with databases; particularly SQL and flat file based. Contractor shall have experience reading, writing, and modifying complex SQL queries.
  3. Bioinformatics programming, basic biomedical statistics/data cleaning, and application development experience.
  4. Experience with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations preferred.
  5. Experience with bioinformatics tools such as ARB, Bioconductor, DNA Star, BioJava, NCBI Entrez system, or Primer3.

Minimum Educational Requirements shall be one of the following:

  • B.S. in a Computer-related area and 5 years relevant work experience –or-
  • M.S. in a Computer-related area and 3 years relevant work experience –or-
  • Ph.D. in a Computer-related area and 1 year relevant work experience –or-
  • Biological Bachelors’ Degree and 5 years relevant computer application programming work experience –or-
  • Biological M.S. Degree and 3 years relevant computer application programming work experience –or-
  • Biological Ph.D. Degree and 1 year relevant computer application programming work experience

Description of Tasks

The purpose of this position is to provide computer programming services and modernization and/or maintenance expertise to support the mission of the USAFSAM/FHT at WPAFB, OH. Duties include software coding, executable application compiling and packaging, and database administration. Support of the Certification & Accreditation (C&A) process as assigned and required by DoD and USAF mandates is required. Current knowledge of DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) is preferred. The contractor shall provide a professional and proven technically qualified individual to perform the tasks outlined in the following paragraphs. 

The candidate shall...

  • Document, code, design, develop, test, implement, and support software applications based on user requirements, to include the following:
         -- Computer coding per specifications
         -- Create, modify, troubleshoot, and update input and output capabilities including reports. Reports may vary in complexity based on audience and identified requirements
         --Conduct analyses for new reports and functions; provide technical consultation to users/customers
         --Interact with users/customers to obtain requirements and verify developed solutions meet needs initially and over time
         --Establish and implement application-controlled chain-of-custody and associated management requirements for documents containing Controlled Unclassified Information/sensitive data
         -- Develop and/or provide the ability to archive, search, and recover historical data
         --Provide discretionary access control for web pages, reports, and databases
         --Develop programmatic auditing to establish and protect non-repudiation of data
         --Given technical requirements and program structure design, be able to produce technical and user documentation and program in relational database query languages, modern programming languages, or web development environments
         --Maintain/modernize/enhance existing applications and software analysis pipes
         --Follow design and coding standards

  • Provide training and assistance with new and existing applications
  • Perform database backups, as well as general maintenance and upgrades
  • Design in C, Python, Perl, and Bash scripting
  • Work with Linux OS, Windows 7, OSX, iOS, and Android environments
  • Perform SQL database administration
  • Provide computer programmer support in order to develop/modify/modernize/enhance existing software to facilitate genetic research and consultation mission objectives as defined by the customer. The organization currently provides operational support for 10 servers, 1 line database of sequences, and 6 custom applications for bioinformatics data analysis. These novel software applications serve the medical research community and are developed, modified, and/or updated as defined by Wing requirements.

Description of Project Workload

Custom software has been developed for genetic data analysis. Typical workload requires multiple projects/tasks per fiscal year in addition to application support. Software development is a highly fluid environment where priorities can change quickly and frequently. The contractor must be able to adjust to a frequently changing environment and perform assigned tasks based on the current priority assigned to them.

Small Project: The contractor shall complete small projects to include minor software changes, enhancements, and improvements. These projects may involve migration of simple programs to current software coding standards, migration of data, reports, and inputs/outputs. May include embedding, porting, packaging, or making installation images of custom code for fixed used cases.

Medium Project: The contractor shall complete medium projects which includes more in-depth software application, enhancements, and improvements. These projects require more extensive research, reverse engineering of old software code, and development of better ways to access or retrieve data. May include cloud computing and making cluster installation images of custom code for fixed used cases.

Large Project: The contractor shall complete large projects to typically include migrating large applications, capabilities with multiple components (e.g. multiple input/output mechanisms), modifications of old unsustainable code, and migration of current or old data and their associated feeds. May include complex inter-connected databases and designing custom code for scalable use cases.

The candidate shall...

  1. Compile, use, and modify existing software to develop and enhance FHT’s genetic interpretation capabilities by custom software installation and packaging for FHT personnel.
  2. Use and modify some software to develop or enhance its current genetic interpretation capabilities. Activities may include work on custom FHT applications and new options to existing Open Source Software (OSS) projects.
  3. Build report capabilities from data sets to answer research questions. These reports shall be easily generated by the medical staff. A basic understanding of biomedical statistics, as evidenced by coursework in statistics, is required. A rudimentary understanding of molecular biology and genetics, as evidenced by at least one undergraduate course in biology, is helpful and desired.
  4. Evaluate data external “off the shelf” technologies as required. The contractor employee shall perform assigned portions of system analysis, design, and programming for Linux, Windows, and web-based applications.
  5. Implement data acquisition protocols. The contractor shall capture, update, enhance, modify, and add report generators, design user interfaces, and build documentation.
  6. Perform research, analysis, reporting, and updating of files or systems as required. Projects may include special inventories, equipment management, and other resource management.
  7. Provide Research Computing Enclave Support.
    -- Pack, unpack, configure, upgrade, install, relocate, and connect new and existing systems to the FHT research computing enclave; installing the software packages and patches, tablets/mobile computing devices, and other actions (such as trash disposal and those required to maintain a clean and safe work environment) related to receiving, configuring, installing, maintaining, and disposing of system components. The contractor will perform and/or assist in managing computer equipment inventory. The contractor will serve as the liaison between FHT and the 711 HPW/OMCO IT support services, WPAFB, OH in the resolution of research computer-related problems/issues. The contractor may also be required to help plan infrastructure, ensure continuity of operations, and/or monitor systems.
    -- Troubleshoot FHT research enclave computers, tablets/mobile computing devices, monitors, printers, scanners, and other systems and peripherals. The contractor shall perform basic problem-isolation procedures to detect and identify problem cause(s) and implement the needed corrective actions to restore mission capability.
    -- Use disk cloning, imaging, and/or data recovery equipment/software to copy, restore data, and/or prepare hard drives for use.

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