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Like solving BIG problems and having BIG fun? If you enjoy knowing that your work is highly visible and mission critical, even better. JumpCloud ( is searching for the best in the business when it comes to helping to design and build the next generation of server management and directory software. 

JumpCloud is leveraging a product-led growth model. We use a freemium product whereby users can sign-up and use the platform before they purchase. There are tremendous advantages to this model and our goal is to optimize a user’s path through the platform creating more paying customers faster and more cost-effectively through automation. More recently this has been called growth hacking and this position will lead the growth hacking/engineering and automation within the company.

JumpCloud drives a large number of free accounts continually and has a high conversion rate of those accounts becoming paid customers. While we're doing well, we believe that we can do much better. With the right focus on helping users discover the value of the platform, JumpCloud can generate an increasing number of happier customers at a faster pace. The Growth & Automation Engineer will develop a deep understanding of the behaviors that users exhibit that convert and how to drive many more users to those behaviors.

What you’ll be doing:
JumpCloud is searching for a thought leader who can help make a tremendous impact on our ability to grow and expand our business through growth hacking and automation. The right person for this role will have a mix of skills and experience and be highly technical, data driven, and think like a scientist. This role could be an ideal stepping stone to one day starting and running your own company.

In our organization, this role will live within our engineering/product organization rather than marketing because of the emphasis on leveraging our platform to generate growth and automation. Because our platform is highly technical and the skills required to run growth experiments will require strong technical skills (read: be able to code, add features to our platform, and architecture experience), we believe that being tightly aligned with our engineering organization will be best.

The key results from this role will include larger revenue through greater velocity through the funnel, a higher close rate, quicker onboarding of customers, and increased expansion. Another critical part of this role will be to eliminate friction points of using the platform which will of course impact the previous items, as well as reduce support and service costs.

This person will work closely with a large number of people on the team including our customer success organization, customer experience leader, marketing team, and product group. We do expect to grow this organization, but it won’t be a large group, instead being a highly skilled and focused team. A key skill of this leader will be to work closely with other groups and influence their roadmaps and objectives, because some optimizations will need to be done by others.

  • Grow revenue – through more streamlined and faster conversion and onboarding processes, this role will have a direct impact on growing revenue. Fundamentally, this role will be able to help improve the overall funnel, the process through the funnel, and the usage of the platform once they are a customer. This role will own conversion rates throughout the funnel including through the onboarding and expansion process. While some of these conversion rates may involve other groups in the organization, the growth and automation role will attempt to automate and impact this programmatically. Ideally, our platform should guide users through the product journey without the need for us to hire people.
  • Deeply understand customer behaviors – through primary customer research, data analysis, and feedback from internal constituents, develop an understanding of the customer journey at the platform level. This role will help identify the ideal path through the platform and indicators of customers that are more likely to purchase.
  • Instrument the platform – where there is a need, this role will add instrumentation in order to generate more insight into how users are leveraging the platform. Managing the data as well as the security and privacy concerns of this data will also be a part of the role.
  • Run experiments – in order to increase conversion percentages, the onboarding rate, and expansion, this role will run different experiments. These experiments will be tightly defined and understood so that results can be appropriately analyzed. The person in this role will think much like a scientist with clear hypotheses, data generation, and outcomes.
  • Automate customer friction points – this role will help identify (along with other groups) user friction points and areas of frustration that reduce conversion rates or create unhappiness with the product. Some of these friction points could be solved by functionality created by this role and others may require the product team. This focus will help to onboard users/customers faster as well as lead to greater expansion.

We’re looking for…
  • 5+ years of experience developing SaaS software products
  • Ability to quickly develop software (Golang ideally) and iterate 
  • Out-of-the-box thinking and approaches to eliminating friction points
  • Strong experience generating, storing, and analyzing customer data from a SaaS solution
  • Inquisitive and curious about how to build a customer centric product
  • Passionate about customer data and optimization
  • Systematic and process oriented
  • Ability to strongly influence other groups with data and insight
  • An engineering degree, Computer Science preferred

Where you’ll be working: Our corporate headquarters in downtown Boulder, right next to the Boulder Theater. 

Why JumpCloud?  You’ll have a voice in the organization, with a seasoned executive team, a supportive board and a proven market that our customers are excited about. 

JumpCloud is focused on delivering cloud-based directory services via a SaaS model and as a result is trying to solve some very difficult problems around identity, authentication, security, and cloud scaling. 

This is a great place to share and grow your expertise! You’ll work with top developers and product folks to continue to build a worldwide customer base. We’re out of the box thinkers, so your unique approaches to building a high performance product will be valued! 

Please submit your résumé along with a brief explanation about yourself and why you would be a good fit for JumpCloud.

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