Regional Sales Representative

About the Company
A private equity-backed, science-based, cannabis-forward business based in San Diego, CA. Established in 2018 by seasoned entrepreneurs within the cannabis, health and wellness industries, as well as the marketplace of natural and organic foods — our leadership has recognized the shifts, identified opportunities, and acted upon the promise of this ever-growing industry to create a next-generation cannabis business built on science and dedicated to people’s health and wellbeing.

Our corporate vision is to define the future of North America’s adult-use cannabis industry by offering an interdependent network of cannabis-centric consumer packaged goods, retail dispensaries, and contract manufacturing operations that advance consumer shifts toward natural and holistic health and wellbeing. Our portfolio consist of the following interdependent entities:

Wellbeing: Leveraging the power and versatility of psychoactive
 and non-psychoactive cannabinoids to build an innovative CPG offering of scientifically tested products ranging from our signature Nootropic capsule supplements to gourmet foods
 and chocolates, organic teas, RTD beverages, task-oriented edibles, concentrates and smart cannabis coffee and tea pods.

Cannabis Apothecary: Disrupting the category by offering current, untapped, and underserved consumers an opportunity to learn about the benefits of cannabis-based products within a welcoming, educational, and holistic cannabis-forward retail environment dedicated to health and wellbeing.

Creation: Offering contract manufacturing, packaging and distribution services for products ranging from capsules and tablets to concentrates and vape cartridges to chocolates and edibles to tinctures, and drinks. Providing burgeoning companies from across the industry to launch quickly and inexpensively through our private label and licensing programs while allowing established brands can efficiently and cost-effectively add to their existing product portfolio.

This confident startup is well positioned to leverage industry knowledge and brand-building experience to advance an innovative approach to operations, products, marketing, and sales. We are committed to serving our customer’s needs and desires with a diverse offering of cannabis-based products, reliable service, and humanity — to become the preferred provider in California and beyond.

Ours is a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and support in working towards clearly defined goals and shared values of quality, integrity, and productivity — in the service of our people and clients.

Structured to address the tension between best-in-class quality, sustainable growth, and human resources, goals, and understanding guide our business practices, regulatory compliance, and commitment to human dignity and individual wellbeing.

General Sales Rep Position Summary
Our Sales Rep will be responsible for working with executive leadership in executing a distributor, retail, and consumer sales strategy that identifies addresses and promotes short-term needs and long-term corporate goals.

Applicant must possess the experience and capacity to create relationships and drive sales within a developing, high-growth environment that demands a keen business sense with start-up agility, ingenuity, and spirit.

Sales and reporting are to be carried out per California regulatory compliance, contemporary sales methodology, and best practices that promote our brand values and innovative products while targeting segment distributors, retailers, and consumers throughout California.

Areas of Responsibility
Sales Operations

Sales Strategy
Sales Rep will be responsible for executing an integrated sales strategy developed by leadership under the director of our CMO.

Working in conjunction with our CMO and Marketing Manager, the Sales Rep is tasked with building and broadening client and consumer awareness and sales through the positioning and promotion of the brand’s unique identity, innovative products, and trustworthy services in support of the company’s mission, values, objectives, and goals.

Field Research
The Sales Rep will be responsible for the following field research:

  • Identify marketplace trends and new target segments (California and beyond)
  • Identify and analyze sources for prospective customers and their potential (California)
  • Identify and coordinate marketing and sales opportunities to achieve maximum impact, revenue, and growth

Sales Programs
 The Sales Rep will be responsible for:
  • Driving solicited and unsolicited relationships with distributors, retailers, contract clients, and other partners
  • Working closely with our Marketing Manager in conducting and managing trade show communications, identifying and implementing traditional, digital, and emerging sales tools, and working in concert on public relations initiatives and activities
  • Working closely with our manufacturing and distribution teams.
  • Providing leadership and “on-the-ground” insight to increase engagement and sales through distributors, retailers, and consumers
  • Working with our CMO and Marketing Manager to shape and guide sales and marketing/advertising materials

Managment and Oversight
Utilizing contemporary sales principles, standards, CRM applications, and operations standards —  our Sales Rep will be responsible for executing sales programs to satisfy the fulfillment of KPIs and the maintenance of quality measures, budgets in keeping wth corporate goals.

The Sales Rep will be required to provide hands-on, face-to-face leadership and a personal commitment to balance the needs of customers and consumers, as well as employees and management — all within the realm of day-to-day operations, corporate culture, and long-term goals.

The Sales Rep will be responsible for on-time product delivery, customer satisfaction, and oversight of in-store product placement and promotions

Culture and Team Leadership
The Sales Rep will be tasked with sharing and effecting a sales culture that embodies our cofounder’s practiced belief in empathy, inclusivity, responsibility, and service.

The Sales Rep will be responsible for sales related internal and external communications in coordination with leadership.

The Sales Rep will also be responsible for developing and maintaining sales initiatives and distributor building programs to promote connectivity, productivity, sales, retention, and happiness.

Contract and Negotiation Oversight
The Sales Rep will be required to possess the knowledge, experience, and skill necessary with work with financial leadership, legal counsel, and external parties such as vendors and regulatory bodies to negotiate and enter into advantageous agreements for the sale of regulated goods and services — all the while safeguarding corporate interests and limiting exposure.

Relationship Management and Compliance
Vendor and Customer Relationship Management
In support of our operating policies, obligations, goals, and values, the position of Sales Rep will also demand an individual with an understanding of production, operations, and logistics, as well as an exceptional sense of empathy and propriety to develop and sustain favorable vendor and customer relationships.

As a means to an end, our Sales Rep must possess strong interpersonal skills — in person, on the phone, or via digital communications — to lay the foundation for lasting relationships, and the pragmatic business acumen to resolve pricing issues, logistical delays, quality concerns, or personnel issues to a beneficial resolution.  

Safety Oversight and Regulatory Compliance
With understanding and compliance with state and local regulatory requirements and reporting, the Sales Rep, will work in cooperation with leadership and legal counsel to promote and maintain of good corporate standing with state and local government entities.

Applicant will need to undergo a background check in accordance with local laws/regulations.

The Sales Rep will need to possess a valid California drivers license.

Leadership Coordination and Communication
Marketing Strategy and Optimization
The Sales Rep Working closely with our CMO and Marketing Director to articulate a vision for sales and growth. Utilizing “on-the-ground” knowledge, The Sales Rep will contribute to the formulation of sales and marketing budgets, plans, and tactics to support the execution of company’s business strategy. The Sales Rep will also lead in the identification of barriers, opportunities, and innovative pathways to optimize programs and outcomes — all the while eliminating waste.

Sales Managment and Reporting
Working with CRM tools, the Sales Rep will be responsible for the employment of contemporary sales management approaches and best practices. The Sales Rep will be commissioned with the delivery of accurate and timely sales information, analysis and advice to the leadership team to promote sound fiscal pathways to advance corporate performance and health.

Communication Standards and Governance
The position dictates the Sales Rep will possess the comprehension and communication skills necessary to analyze, contextualize and disseminate sales strategy, initiatives, and results.The Sales Rep will also be required to establish a communication standard that comprehensively outlines risks and rewards relating to financial impacts and operational decision making within the context of sales outcomes and best practice governance.

Accountable To
  • CEO and CMO
  • Close coordination with the entire executive leadership team including VP of Manufacturing and the Marketing Manager
  • Director of Accounting

“Must or Bust” Overview

Qualities and Attributes  
  • 21 years of age with a valid California Drivers license, clean driving record
  • A highly motivated self-initiator capable of answering to corporate values, vision, and goals with originality, integrity, humanity, and perseverance
  • A disciplined and strategic thinker with a keen operational, logistical, and sales mindset with the agility and grace to face challenges and adversity
  • A problem solver who serves with a clarity of purpose, responsibility, and conviction  
  • The capacity to leverage knowledge, experience, and wisdom to garner trust, empower people, and define success within, and throughout our public face
  • The ability to evaluate, improve and act upon opportunities with confidence and cause
  • A dexterous communicator who is sought out by colleagues and clients for candid and knowledgeable guidance, honest negotiation, and genuine service
  • A desire to invest the time to create meaningful relationships with the Leadership, Managment, and Clients while maintaining the ability to challenge them when prudent or necessary
  • A drive to examine short-term performance data for program inefficiencies to improve sales productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • A capacity to lead and bring sales negotiations to fruition
  • A need to continually discover ways to boost the top line performance while reducing wasteful bottom line expenses
  • Ability to employ understanding, intuition, and data to assist our entire team in becoming a game-changing industry leader structured for sustainable growth and financial success
  • Previous experience within the cannabis industry will be valuable, but not required

Qualifications Summary

Education and Experience 
  • High School graduate or more
  • At least five (5) years of relevant sales experience
  • Strong CRM technology skills including the ability to prepare spreadsheets, and use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) to analyze and communicate data and trends
  • Previous experience and understanding of California’s Adult-Use Cannabis regulatory rules and policies a plus, but not a must

Skills and Abilities 
  • Possesses an elastic operational mind with the ability to bring ideas and solutions to sales challenges, client negotiations, and customer relationships
  • Excellent scheduling and time management skills
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, especially as it pertains to tack and diplomacy
  • Proven success in B2B and/or B2C sales
  • Experienced in negotiating contracts
  • Practiced at working with distributors, clients, CRM software, and preparation of expense reports
  • Willingness and desire to travel throughout California (we have two positions available: NoCal and SoCal)
  • Responsible driving

Compensation Package

  • Market-competitive annual compensation plus performance bonus and profit share
  • Bonus and profit share requirements to be mutually determined by the candidate and the executive team
  • Participation in the company’s health plans

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