Unit General Manager (UGM)


Kearny, NJ
11 miles from New York City

Start Date
1 August 2018

About the Company
Cooperative is a private equity-backed, commercial laundry services business based in Kearny, NJ. Established in 2017, and founded by a group of accomplished industry veterans, this confident startup is well positioned to leverage industry knowledge and experience to advance an innovative approach to operations and logistics. We are committed to solve and serve our clients’ operational demands with quality and reliable service — to become the preferred provider in the TriState area.

Currently under construction, and slated to launch in the autumn of 2018, Cooperative’s TriState plant will be a first-of-its-kind within the United States. When operational, the 60k square foot facility will employ in upwards of 120 and serve as a blueprint for targeted Cooperative expansion and growth along the eastern seaboard.

As defined by our namesake, the corporate culture to be shared and practiced by our leadership, management and employees will be one of mutual assistance in working towards clearly defined goals and shared values of quality, integrity, and productivity — in the service of our people and clients.

Structured to address the tension between best-in-class quality, sustainable growth, and human resources, Cooperative’s values, goals, and understanding guide our business practices, regulatory compliance, and commitment to human dignity.

General Manager Position Summary
The Unit General Manager (UGM) for Cooperative’s TriState plant will be responsible for building and executing a scalable infrastructure and operations model for sustainable growth through the creation and implementation of a strategic plan leveraging corporate culture, methodology, and technology. Operational functions will be carried out in accordance with regulatory compliance, contemporary financial approaches and best practices for manufacturing and customer service within the industrial laundry business.

Areas of Responsibility

Plant Operations
Plant Operations will constitute the most substantial part of the UGM’s day-to-day activities and responsibilities, while work undertaken within this area will inform and support customer management and compliance, and well as leadership coordination and communication.

Managment and Oversight
Utilizing the principles, standards, and application of manufacturing services operations —  Cooperative’s UGM will be responsible for the creation and execution of a precise and comprehensive production, pricing, and purchasing strategy to satisfy the fulfillment of KPIs and the maintenance of quality measures.
The UGM will be required to provide hands-on leadership and a personal commitment to balance the needs of production and maintenance, customers and logistics, employees and management within the realm of day-to-day operations and long-term goals.

Culture and Team Leadership
Cooperative’s UGM will be tasked with framing, sharing and effecting a corporate culture that embodies our founder’s practiced belief in empathy, inclusivity, responsibility, and industry. The UGM will be responsible for hiring individuals, structuring teams and defining the roles that address day-to-day operations, internal communications, and seasonal staffing levels in coordination with leadership, managers, and human resources.

UGM will also be responsible for developing and maintaining employee training initiatives and team building programs to promote connectivity, productivity, happiness, and retention.

Contract and Negotiation Oversight
The UGM will be required to possess the knowledge, experience, and skill necessary with work with Cooperative’s legal counsel and external parties such as vendors, utilities and regulatory bodies to negotiate and enter into advantageous agreements for the purchase goods and services — all the while safeguarding Cooperative’s corporate interests and limiting exposure.

Customer Management and Compliance
Customer Relationship Management
In support of Cooperative’s operating policies, obligations, goals and values, the UGM position will demand an individual with an in-depth understanding of production, operations and logistics, as well as an exceptional sense of empathy and propriety to develop and sustain favorable customer relationships. As a means to an end, Cooperative’s UGM must possess strong interpersonal skills —in person, on the phone, or via digital communications — to lay the foundation for a lasting relationships, and the pragmatic acumen to resolve production issues, logistical delays, quality concerns, or personnel issues to a beneficial resolution.

Safety Oversight and Regulatory Compliance
With understanding and compliance with national, state and local regulatory requirements and reporting, the UGM will be trusted with the promotion and maintenance of a healthy, safe and secure workplace environment in cooperation with Cooperative’s engineering, maintenance and HR teams.

Leadership Coordination and Communication
Business Strategy and Optimization
Working closely with Cooperative’s COO to articulate a financial vision for innovation and growth, the UGM will contribute to the formulation of operating budgets, plans and tactics to support the execution of company’s business strategy. The UGM will also lead in the identification of barriers, opportunities and innovative pathways to optimize production, operations and staffing, all the while eliminating waste.

Financial Managment and Reporting
Working with Cooperative’s CFO, the UGM will be responsible for the direction and oversight of the company’s fiscal functions and performance through the employment of contemporary financial management approaches and best practices within the manufacturing and service industries. The UGM will be commissioned with the delivery of accurate and timely financial information, analysis and advice to the management team to promote sound fiscal pathways and advance corporate performance and health.

Communication Standards and Governance
The position dictates the UGM will possess the comprehension an communication skills necessary to analyze, contextualize and disseminate historical, contemporary and forecast plant performance indicators to Cooperative’s leadership team. In doing so, the UGM will be required to establish a communication standard that comprehensively and precisely outlines risks and rewards relating to financial impacts and operational decision making within the context of financial outcomes and best practices governance.

Accountable To
  • COO
  • Close coordination with the entire executive leadership team

Direct Reports
  • Chief Engineer
  • Director of Sales and Service
  • Director of Operations

“Must or Bust” Overview

Qualities and Attributes  
  • A highly motivated self-initiator capable of answering to corporate values, vision, and goals with originality, integrity, humility, and perseverance
  • A disciplined and strategic thought leader with a keen operational and logistical mindset with the agility and grace to face adversity
  • A problem solver who serves with a clarity of purpose, responsibility, and conviction  
  • The talent to inspire operational excellence and a shared appreciation for methodology, technology, connectivity and professionalism throughout the company 
  • The capacity to leverage knowledge, experience, and wisdom to garner trust, empower people, and define success
  • The ability to evaluate and improve operations and act upon opportunities with confidence and cause
  • The adeptness to manage up and down with a foundation of facts, function and considered solutions and outcomes
  • A dexterous communicator who is sought out by colleagues for candid and knowledgeable guidance, and clients for honest negotiation, and genuine service
  • A desire to invest the time to create meaningful relationships with the Leadership, Managment, and Teams while maintaining the ability to challenge them when prudent or necessary
  • A drive to examine short-term performance data for operational inefficiencies to improve operational productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • A capacity to lead internal and external corporate negotiations to fruition
  • A need to continually discover ways to boost the top line performance while reducing wasteful bottom line expenses
  • Ability to employ acumen, understanding, intuition, and data to assist Cooperative’s TriState plant in becoming a preferred provider structured for sustainable growth and financial success
  • Previous experience within the commercial laundry services business will be valuable, but not required

Qualifications Summary

  • BS/BA, MBA, Master’s degree equivalent, or other educational backgrounds in engineering or operations management.
  • At least seven (7) years of relevant manufacturing or industrial services management experience, Ideally with P&L responsibly.
  • The customer service oriented mindset with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, especially as it pertains to tack and diplomacy.
  • Strong technology skills including the ability to prepare spreadsheets, and use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) to analyze and communicate data and trends.
  • Previous experience and a broad understanding of safety systems and enforcement of safety rules and policies.

Skills and Abilities 
  • Possesses an elastic operational mind with the ability to bring ideas and solutions to business problems, negotiations, strategic planning and customer relationships
  • Experience within an industry leadership position at a company of 35 plus employees
  • Experienced in negotiating customer, vendor and supplier contracts
  • Experience managing multiple departments including, but not limited to:
  • HR, IT, Maintenance, Customer Service, Contracts and Agreements, Logistics, Procurement
  • Seasoned with an authoritative knowledge of industrial service management cost accounting, project/contract cost analysis through firsthand knowledge obtained from working with service providers, leasing companies or major sub-contracting entities 
  • Accomplished at implementing and advancing industrial plant operations processes and reporting systems that are simple and efficient for a wide range of client and project/service applications
  • Masterful in the development and elucidating of critical financial and operational performance indicators to internal and external audiences 
  • Practiced at working with leasing companies, suppliers, software developers and other external partners
  • Willingness and desire to travel and serve within the Tri-State area

Compensation Package

  • Market-competitive annual compensation plus performance bonus and profit share
  • Bonus and profit share requirements to be mutually determined by the candidate and the executive team
  • Participation in the company’s health plans

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