Web / ASP.NET - MVC Developer

Job & Company Description:

Our client develops, markets, sells and supports its flagship product. Their product is an enterprise cloud-hosted campus logistics application; an integral part of the Facilities Management stack at more than 500 corporate and higher education installations. In campus logistics applications, their product uses mobile computers and barcodes to monitor and control the flow of tangible objects — mail, parcels, property, files or people — as they enter, move through, and exit a facility. Their product features intuitive user interfaces, rugged hand-held data collection devices, intelligent routing and sorting logic, text and email notification, signature capture and in-depth reporting. The target market for their product is essentially any organization that needs to provide accountability/proof of delivery for any tangible item. Some of their primary markets include financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, college and university campuses, and the hospitality industry.

Our Client needs additional development staff to complete new and continuing development initiatives. Their developers provide input about the direction of our products and collaborate with the development team, yet also have the autonomy needed to do their jobs effectively and with personal satisfaction.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Develop and implement new software programs/features

  • Maintain and improve existing software

  • Recommend improvements to software and serve as a key collaborator in departmental initiatives

Requirements, Skills, and Experience

  • Intermediate knowledge of a modern web application framework (ASP.NET, JSP, Ruby on Rails)

  • SQL Server database design and implementation experience

  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS and its cross-browser challenges

  • Experience with Backbone, Angular, KnockoutJS, Ember or other MV* frameworks

  • IIS configuration, troubleshooting & administration (including security issues) hardware implementation (configuring and troubleshooting server issues), networking

  • Experience using and/or configuring Continuous Integration tools such as TeamCity, Jenkins, Travis CI or other similar systems

  • Solid software development process skills


  •  Experience with mobile OS development (Android).

  •  BSCS or MCSD certification

  •  Familiarity with barcoding, RFID or other data collection technologies