Senior Paid Search Strategist

Are you familiar with the phrase: “I have a spreadsheet for that”? Is analytics a Pavlovian trigger for you? Do clients sometimes send you chocolate-covered strawberries because you’re so on it? Do you regularly seek out the next best KPI and optimize your optimization process? Are you a complex person who lives in that eclectic little cubbyhole where art meets science? Is paid search your shameless passion? Say no more. This is not Tinder, but we just might have struck a match.

On the other hand, if you are interested in churn and burn, (i.e. manage dozens of campaigns, but aren’t really tuned into their nuances or shifts) you are probably not today’s winner and we encourage you to swipe left.

Responsibilities (Your Mission)
  • Serve as a top-dog leading paid search analyst
  • Build highly targeted PPC campaigns across multiple channels
  • Write PPC ads with loads of pith and flair
  • Run split-testing and be an awesome optimizer of CTR, CPA and ROAS
  • Manage multiple client’s expectations, strategies, budgets and conversions
  • Monitor performance based on goals, industry standards and benchmarks
  • Derive client insights and then execute, execute, execute

What We Must Have (No, Really)
  • Experience: 3-6 years experience managing paid search campaigns for e-commerce and lead gen clients
  • Value-Proving Account Management Maven: Know how to prove, demonstrate, spell-out value to client frequently. Must understand client’s conversion goals. Must understand client’s conversion goals. Capiche?
  • Optimization Skills: Wizard with Adwords, paid social ads, remarketing tactics and more.
  • Stakeholder Hotshot:  Ability to meet the client where they are, respond early, don’t overburden, memorize channel preferences, anticipate needs (even if it’s a latte)
  • Data + Insight: Highly proficient in Excel and Google Analytics using them to process dump-truckloads of data into usable strategies for execution.
  • Communication: Excellent. Grammar. Spelling. Tact.

What We Dream About. (Among Other Things.)
  • 4+ years experience actively managing and implementing AdWords strategies
  • Significant experience managing accounts with high ROI on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bing.
  • Ecommerce experience (this is where Inflow is headed)
  • Landing page optimization experience
  • Google Adwords and Analytics Certified
  • Experience with split testing and other ways to optimize CTR and CPA
  • Experience setting up and optimizing data feeds and Shopping campaigns
  • Experience with various bid optimization and automation strategies.

And About Culture. . .
We know that culture isn’t really about beer meisters and beanbag chairs. It’s about people. And wanting to come to work. And the F word. No the other one–freedom. To be yourself. To make mistakes. To laugh out loud. To break into random applause when someone leaves this office in the evening. To work 40 hours and not need to check your email from the top of Bierstadt, or on the drive back to Denver. To be surrounded by talented people with multiple superpowers.

Happy hours don’t necessarily happen every week. We got kids and dogs and stuff. But we do replenish and celebrate. Beers. Bowling. Rockies games.

Why We’re Perky
  • Competitive salary
  • Paid vacation and sick days. Festival-fanatic? Boarder? Hockey mama? Flu bug? No problem.
  • 15Five takes the pulse of our company. We listen, consider and respond. Every week. Period.
  • Quarterly culture surveys, to help us always get better
  • Quarterly Profit Sharing – we share the success with you.
  • The whole insurance thing: retirement contributions, short-term, long term disability, life and health.  
  • Build-your-own perks: get a bucket of cash and spend it on what you want (mostly). As long as it benefits you or your family, it’s yours to spend.
  • Family Support:  New kiddo? Take some time, on us, to get to know your new family member. Maternity/paternity leave, along with adoption and reproductive assistance.
  • We love pets. Our office is dog-friendly! (Cats, not so much.) We also offer a one-time pet adoption fee reimbursement.
  • Rooftop deck:  Take a break or work from the building rooftop deck. Lawn chairs included.
  • Stand up:  All staff have desks that can become stand-up desks at the push of a button.
  • Stocked fridge. LaCroix and Sweet Action and Upslope. The occasional VooDoo.
  • Free parking!
  • Gym Membership: Go climb, stretch, or lift heavy stuff on us at Movement.
  • Paid Holidays – you start out with 7 but after year 1 you’ll pick up more floating holidays to use for what’s important to you.
  • Dude, it’s a well of expertise around here. Ask and you shall be educated. Plus, we have a lot to learn from you, too. Teach us your ways.
  • Birthdays are a big deal. Desserts (or breakfast burritos, your choice) are served. Stick around long enough and it becomes a paid day off!
  • Publish and build your personal brand via our blog and social media. Stand on our shoulders. Get noticed online. Mix with fellow industry geeks. You matter.
  • Don't take our word for it... look at what our employees say about us on Glassdoor!

But Enough About You, What about Us?
For the fifth consecutive year, Inflow has been named one of the Denver-area’s fastest growing private companies PLUS we're one of 200 Google Managed Agencies AND one of only 50 firms worldwide to be named as a “Moz Recommended Company”.  This year we made the Inc. 5000 list.

Awards get boring, eh? So what’s our story?
Mike Belasco (great guy whose daughter is obsessed with Star Wars) founded the company back in 2003 when he saw this huge, honkin, Royal-Gorge size gap between agency offerings and client needs. Originally, seOverflow (our previous brand) was just that—an SEO outsourcing company. Now we bring inbound marketing (i.e. omni-channel marketing that puts the customer first with deliberate, non-interruption-based tactics) to the ecommerce world.  It’s no-mans land, but we like it a lot.

Oh and don’t mess with Mike. His grandfather engineered the first space shuttle toilet and he doesn’t eat raspberries. No one knows why.

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