Senior Data Engineer

At Finite State, we are leveraging massive amounts of data to solve the next generation of security problems generated by the Internet of Things (IoT).  We are seeking a mid- to senior-level Data Engineer to help wrangle the volume, velocity, and variety intensive data challenges it faces in building a game-changing cyber-security platform. 

Succeeding in our company's mission entails:
  • Automating firmware reverse engineering at scale
  • Quickly processing large amounts of network traffic meta-data for device discovery and anomaly detection
  • Augmenting the quality of our analytics by taking an all source intelligence approach to understanding client environments
  • Providing an engaging application experience that brings it all together

Primary responsibilities for this position include:
  • Understanding the disparate needs of internal data scientists and external product users
  • Designing the models necessary to codify how we process all of the required data
  • Navigating the challenges of onboarding source data into our ecosystem
  • Developing scalable data processing pipelines that support all relevant use cases
  • Leveraging stream- and batch-oriented processing as appropriate to each use case
  • Automating the deployment and testing of those pipelines in our AWS environment
  • Instrumenting those pipelines to monitor for faults and perform forensics work
  • Selecting the optimal AWS PaaS component technologies for each scenario
  • Ensuring that all developed solutions are reasonably secured and fault-tolerant

Solutions will take shape primarily with:
  • Lambda and ECS for event-oriented processing
  • Athena and Glue for batch-oriented processing and data exploration
  • RDS and PostgreSQL for transaction processing
  • S3, DynamoDB, and Elasticache to underpin data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts
  • SNS and SQS for event distribution and job management
  • Kinesis for event stream aggregation and analysis
  • API Gateway and GraphQL to perform last mile data stitching and delivery
  • IAM and VPC faculties to establish minimally permissioned processing elements
  • GitHub, CodePipeline, CloudFormation, and Serverless to version and deploy systems
  • CloudWatch Logs/Metrics/Alarms, Elasticsearch, and Pagerduty for monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting
  • Python as the primary application programming language and some JavaScript where required

Candidates at a minimum must:
  • Have experience in either the aforementioned technologies or their open-source or commercial equivalents
  • Understand the trade-offs inherent in balancing latency, throughput, and system complexity
  • Have experience in optimizing data structures and pipeline code for performance.
  • Have strong knowledge of how to build and run technology with a DevOps mindset
  • Be extremely results oriented and able to balance short-term business requirements with long-term system sustainability

Exceptional candidates will:
  • Have experience working in a start-up environment
  • Have substantial knowledge of the specific AWS technologies in our ecosystem
  • Have experience in higher-order Data Science techniques, tools, and frameworks
  • Have a deep understanding of the cyber-security domain

About Finite State
We accelerate innovation with connected devices by keeping their dynamic risks in check.
Our technology helps customers discover devices on their network, understand how they work, and secure vulnerabilities quickly. Modern enterprises should not have to sacrifice security for progress. Our tools make it possible for CISOs and their business units to do realistic risk management while liberating innovation work from dated security positions.

Built on two decades of collective cyber-security experience serving the Fortune 50 and the U.S. Intelligence community, Finite State was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in the heart of the Midwest in Columbus, Ohio.

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