Senior Software Engineer

Everyone at Equidate is clever and relentless, taking on multiple functions and responsibilities. Even if you're applying for a specialized role, we love candidates who have high general intelligence, with the potential to take on evolving and growing responsibilities over time. It's proved very effective for us -- we've tripled our team and more than 10xed our volume in the last 2 years. 

We're looking for engineers with 5 or more years of experience at a rapidly growing startup, or cutting edge teams at a larger tech company, or building systems and technology for financial services firms

In Summary
  • Architect and implement the system that transacts hundreds of millions of dollars a year
  • Build technology used by almost every investor, employee, and company in Silicon Valley
  • Take on massive amounts of ownership and responsibility, and feel like an owner of the company and our product

Technical Challenges
  • Equidate's systems process tens of millions in dollars in transactions every month (growing quickly!), and our live production systems are subject to strict requirements when it comes to speed, reliability, and security. Doing this while delivering a delightful experience to all of our users is a challenge we relish.
  • We also been able to balance these stringent requirements with our desire to be agile and productive through intelligent abstractions, investments in our infrastructure, and our affinity for functional programming and static typing.

Projects You Might Work On
  • Build our new mobile app with Typescript and React Native.
  • Work with another engineer and our business team to automate the process of matchmaking our incoming streams of Asks and Bids.
  • Build out our new API, which allows wealth management platforms to integrate with our platform, enabling more users to get exposure to pre-IPO investments, or to get liquidity on their holdings.
  • Setup a system to allow us to manage our outbound email campaigns, advertising spend, and transactional email to help more users convert to transacting customers.
  • Set up a sophisticated security permissions and audit logging system which will let us keep track of all mutations happening on our systems, letting us move quickly without having to be concerned about data leaks or admin mistakes.

Engineering Culture and Process
  • We believe in transparency and operate as a group of peers who respect ideas, talent, and initiative.
  • We have an engineering strategy session once every few weeks where we realign our priorities and map out milestones for all our initiatives.

Tech Stack
  • Scala
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Redis
  • Akka
  • Vue.js
  • TypeScript
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Google Cloud
  • Clojure
  • Functional languages

Why Us?
  • Small, elite team — We currently conduct over $500M in annual trade volume, with only 7 members on our engineering team. We've accomplished these incredible numbers by building a stellar, high-performance team.
  • The right DNA — Our team's expertise lies at the intersection of technology, finance, and law. We're led and advised by Y Combinator, Goldman Sachs, SecondMarket, Nasdaq, and BCG alumni, and are personally backed by Peter Thiel, Tim Draper, Scott/Cyan Banister, Charlie Cheever, and other prominent investors.
  • Healthy business model — Huge market, very strong growth, growing profits — There is over $1 billion of private company stock listed on Equidate today, with tens of millions of dollars in equity traded every month. We take a ~5% fee on this (very friendly compared to the rest of the industry), and are quite profitable with our lean, 14 person team.
  • Large, growing addressable market — Billions of dollar of stock trade every year in the global secondary market, brokered through a network of brokers around the world in a slow, expensive, and inefficient process. This market is growing rapidly as the trend of companies having extended private lifetimes continues to grow, and more capital globally seeks the returns the public markets no longer offer.
  • Our impact on the market and ecosystem — Profoundly valuable to startup employees and the innovation economy.  Fundamentally, the people who do the most innovative and high-impact work in the world work at startups, and they are all compensated through private stock. When you take an arbitrary asset and make it liquid, you increase its inherent value. In other words... Equidate increases the benefit received by the brightest minds in the world, for their valuable contributions to their companies and the economy. We give startups a liquid currency they can use to attract and retain talent, allowing small companies to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook.
  • And sometimes, the warm fuzzies — Equidate also allows employees who have their net worth locked up in private companies break free of their golden handcuffs. Our customers mail us gifts, because we've enabled to do things like buy a house, pay off student debt, send kids to college, and even get their new companies off the ground.

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