MTS - Full Stack Development

Datrium is looking for an experienced engineer to work on software  to generate, store, analyze, automate and visualize the telemetry data from worldwide deployments of Datrium systems. 

  • Design, develop, enhance and maintain the infrastructure for ingesting logs from worldwide deployment of Datrium Systems.
  • Design & develop heuristics / machine learning based algorithm for log parsing and detecting potential troubles with the system.
  • Collaborate with teams across engineering, support and product management to define and develop various dashboards and other data analysis mechanism.
  • 5+ years of relevant experience.
  • Experience in building dynamic and interactive websites and RESTful services.
  • Experience in programming in Python using the Object Oriented paradigm.
  • Experience in various backend technologies like Flash or Django, Celery, Redis, Server side templating (Jinja).
  • Experience in building AJAX web application.
  • Experience in various frontend technologies like JS, node.js, CSS, HTML.
  • Experience in data visualization and data analysis.
  • Knowledge of distributed systems, data structure and algorithms.
  • Basic shell scripting and Linux administration skills.
  • Experience with client side MVC frameworks like Amber is desired.
  • Knowledge of relational databases and experience with time series analysis is a plus. 
  • Knowledge of various automation and deployment tools like Chef, Puppet and Ansible is desired.