Wildland Fire Photographer

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Wildland Fire Photographer

Chloeta is recruiting to fill multiple Call When Needed (CWN) contract wildland fire photographer positions for the summer 2018 fire season.  Photographers can be based anywhere in the Western U.S. and extensive travel will be necessary when mobilizing to an incident.  Photographers will provide still photograph and/or video shooting, editing, logging, filing and labeling services. 

Duty Station
  • CONUS, Western U.S. 
  • shoot still photographs and/or video on very short notice (often 24 to 48 hours)
  • travel to remote forest and rangeland locations by commercial carrier, personal or rental vehicle
  • endure high temperatures and smoke
  • follow instructions from fire personnel assigned to assist them
  • hike for moderate to long distances in steep terrain carrying gear needed for safety, sustenance, and to perform the work
  • shoot still photographs and/or video from fixed wing aircraft or helicopters

  • shoot still photographs and/or video of wildfires and prescribed fires burning in forests and on rangelands; wildland firefighters engaged in suppression actions, including, but not limited to, digging firelines, operating fire engines and hoses, rappelling out of helicopters, parachuting out of fixed wing aircraft, protecting structures, and conducting burn-outs and backfires; helicopters and fixed wing aircraft dropping water or fire retardant on wildfires; and events and activities conducted in support of wildfires and prescribed fires, including visits to, and tours of, wildfires, fire camps, and fire support facilities by government agency leaders and elected officials, conferences, and trainings
  • provide the client with high resolution digital still photographs as RAW (JPG) files greater than 10 megapixels (at least 300 dpi and at least 10 inches in size) as well as printed thumbnail indexes
  • provide still photographs of sufficient quality (both in terms of composition and image resolution) to be acceptable for publication on websites, for use in digital presentations, for publication in national periodicals and journals, and for use by print publishers using 4 and 5 color printing processes
  • provide the client with HD digital video files that meet industry standards for broadcast television; the video shall be of sufficient quality to be acceptable for broadcast by national news organizations, for use in training and educational videos, and for posting on websites
  • if requested by the Incident Management Team (IMT) or client post still photographs and/or videos within 24 hours after they are shot on web sites or ftp sites or provide them on discs, flash drives, external hard drives, or other portable stored memory devices for use in documents and presentations, distribution to the news media, and other purposes
  • edit, log, file, and label all digital still photographs and/or videos delivered for payment and the client will provide file format and naming conventions
  • media shall be individually catalogued by incident name, month and year shot, keyword descriptors, and location to facilitate storage and retrieval
  • for each assignment, provide the client with a binder containing printed and labeled thumbnails of all of the still digital photographs and discs, flash drives, external hard drives, or other portable stored memory devices containing the digital still photographs with labels that clearly indicate their content
  • for videos provide a binder containing logging information (shot sheets) and discs, external hard drives, or other portable stored memory devices containing the HD digital video files with labels that clearly indicate their content
  • the client has unlimited rights to the still photographs; to use, disclose, reproduce, and prepare derivative works of the still photographs; and to distribute copies of the still photographs to the public and perform and display them publically, in any not-for-profit manner or purpose whatsoever
  • Chloeta has the right to establish claim to copyright subsisting in still photographs first produced in the performance of this agreement
  • the photographer has the right to sell the still photographs for use in publications or for other for-profit purposes as desired, with the explicit written consent of Chloeta
  • the client will retain physical possession of the digital files of still photographs and/or videos taken under this agreement, as well as any hard copies of the still photographs and the copyright, in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) subpart 27.4, Sections 27.404 and 27.405
  • photographers who wish access to the fireline without an escort must provide evidence that they have successfully completed training as a wildland firefighter, including S-130/190 Basic Firefighter as a minimum. In addition, the contractor must provide evidence that they have met the following requirements for the current year in which they accept an assignment: Attendance at an 8-hour Annual Wildland Firefighter Refresher course Successful completion of the Work Capacity Test at the basic level Possession of a valid incident qualifications card
  • if the photographer does not possess this training and qualification at the time of hire, Chloeta can provide it
  • the client may also provide the photographer  access to firefighter training as requested, but will not compensate the photographer for time spent in training or transportation to or from training
  • provided equipment: personal protective equipment (PPE) and other fire gear required for access to the fireline – except NWCG-compliant firefighting leather boots, which the photographer shall provide
  • if a photographer checks out PPE from an incident it shall be returned promptly upon demobilization

Travel – Lodging, Transportation, Meals, and Incidentals
  • the photographer shall be responsible for securing lodging and meals (minus any Government provided meals) related to executing the task order at the established General Service Administration (GSA) government rates at the time of booking 
  • While working on wildfires, the photographer may choose to reside and eat at the incident base camp or spike camp at no charge (and is encouraged to do so) for the duration of the assignment
  • Itemized transportation, lodging, and incidental expenses supported with receipts shall be reimbursed by Chloeta at the standard rate established for Government employees traveling in the same area and expenses must be in accordance with the most current Federal Travel Regulations found here: www.gsa.gov/ftr
  • Rates that exceed the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) / General Services Administration (GSA) rates shall be brought to the attention of the Chloeta Project Manager (PM) prior to reserving travel
  • Airfare, ground transportation and miscellaneous expenses will be reimbursed per actual expenses in accordance with the FTR/GSA rates
  • If the photographer uses his or her privately owned vehicle, he or she shall bear the liability for use of that vehicle while on an assignment, not Chloeta or the client

Key Requirements
  • U.S. Citizenship required 
  • Direct Deposit required
  • Valid/clean driver's license required, which (combined with a task order) may enable the contractor to check out a vehicle from Ground Support on an incident

Physical Demands
For those wishing to access the fireline unaccompanied, the work requires arduous physical exertion, such as regular and recurring running, walking, or bending; walking or climbing over rocky areas, or other uneven surfaces, through dense vegetation, and in mountainous terrain. Physical exertion includes carrying up to 30+ pounds of gear while hiking for long durations. The duties of this position require that the incumbent meet the arduous level of physical fitness as measured by the current physical fitness testing standards, if desiring to access the fireline unaccompanied.

Work Environment
The work is performed in a range/forest environment in steep terrain, where surfaces may be extremely uneven, rocky, covered with thick, tangled vegetation, etc. Temperatures are frequently extreme, both from the weather or from fire. Smoke and dust conditions are frequently severe. The hazardous nature of the work requires that protective clothing (boots, gloves, rubber and leather), hard hats, face masks, Nomex pants and shirts, etc., be worn.

Compensation and Work Schedule
  • Compensation is commensurate with experience, skills and capabilities

Security Clearance
  • Not required

Travel Required
  • 75% or Greater
  • Travel is required to wildland fires and all-hazards incidents

Relocation Authorized
  • No

  • None, this is a contract position and is not eligible for company benefits such as participation in the 401(k) or health insurance

It is the policy of Chloeta not to discriminate against any applicant for employment, or any employee because of age, color, sex, disability, national origin, race, religion, or veteran status.

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