CentralApp Salesforce Apprentice: Cabell County

CentralApp is a West Virginia-based tech startup offering paid train-to-work apprenticeships and tech job opportunities for Appalachians. Our locally-run apprenticeships provide in-depth tech training over the course of 8 months, and upon completing the apprenticeship, you will be certified as a Salesforce Application Developer, qualifying you for job opportunities offered by CentralApp.

Even if you have no previous experience working with software, this apprenticeship will give you the skills you need to start a new career with one of the fastest-growing software platforms in the world, Salesforce.

CentralApp offers the opportunity to work with Salesforce from your own home on your own flexible schedule. Work as much, or as little, as you would like. And best of all, we offer the option to continue earning more advanced certifications to qualify for higher-paying positions.

The apprenticeship will require 40 hours per week over the course of 8 months. For the first several months, the apprenticeship will consist of on-site and at home learning at the Cabell County Career and Technology Center. Later, you will continue the apprenticeship remotely, from your home or any other location you prefer.

The most highly qualified apprentices will earn a weekly financial incentive of $400/week as long as they remain in the program.

As an apprentice, you will have the opportunity to earn 3 certifications over the course of the 3 phases of the apprenticeship: first, the Admin Certification, then the Platform AppBuilder Certification, and last, the Developer I Certification. You must pass the exam for each certification in order to move to the next phase of the apprenticeship. If you are unable to make satisfactory progress towards certification, you may be removed from the program.

The most important qualities in prospective CentralApp apprentices are based on who you are, not what you’ve learned in school. We are looking for:
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to think critically
  • Curiosity
  • Determination

The apprenticeship is rigorous and you will need to attend the on-site trainings regularly. You are responsible for your own success: the harder you work, the more likely you are to succeed. 

Apprentices will be selected through an application process that will include online testing for fit, an in-person interview, and a drug screening. Applicants who are extremely qualified may receive financial incentives during their training.

If you are interested in becoming a CentralApp apprentice, please submit your contact information, a resume, and a cover letter below. You'll receive an email with a link to a form with questions about your interests and qualifications. Once you've completed and submitted the form, you will have officially applied!